Ball opening

As is tradition, young ladies and gentlemen open the ball every season. We are delighted to welcome young people wanting to take part in this prestigious segment of the program.

Dancing a Viennese Waltz in a stunning festive hall is a beautiful experience, especially if the dancers are able to dance well. The Association of Austrians in the Czech Republic has prepared the following for all young couples who decide to take part in the ball opening:

Those couples able to perform the Viennese Waltz perfectly do not need to participate in Dance Course I. If they decide not to attend this course, they must attend the first lesson and briefly show their skills. Those couples who cannot yet perform it perfectly and those who are beginners will be cordially invited to join Dance Course I.

All interested ladies and gentlemen, please contact the Ball office as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Dr. Erwin Hanslik MRICS

The Association of Austrians in the Czech Republic

19th Austrian ball will be opened by